QSO using Flex1500

QSO using a Flex1500 to South Dakota with JT9

This video shows my QSO from WA to SD on 4 watts. I am using WSJT-X JT9 with JT-Alert-X. This program is close to the operation of JT65 with the added feature of a QSO window that displays both receive and transmit messages. JT9 bandwidth is about 16 Hz compared to 178 Hz for JT65.

Flex1500 QSO using JT65-HF on 40m to Australia

This video shows my JT65-HF 40m QSO to Australia. 7600 miles on 5 watts and a 40m Delta Loop antenna. I am using the JT65-HF Comfort 3.3 tied to a Flex1500 via PowerSDR 2.5.3 and virtual audio cables. I use HRD v6 DM780 and Logging program tied together with MiniDeluxe using virtual serial ports.